The Republican Party of Tulsa County consists of all registered Republicans living in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, and exists for the purpose of protecting the unalienable rights given by God to each individual through limited and responsible government.


To promote and support Republican candidates to local offices, support Republican elected officials, provide information about Republican candidates running for state and national offices, report on events within the county and to promote the vision of the Republican Party of Tulsa County.


Our county is located in the first congressional district of Oklahoma and is currently represented by Congressman Jim Bridenstine. Tulsa County includes most, if not all, of the cities of Tulsa, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Collinsville, Glenpool, Jenks, Liberty, Lotsee, Mannford, Owasso, Sands Springs, Skiatook and Sperry as well as a small portion of Sapulpa. Our purpose is to promote the conservative values of the Republican party and to support and elect Republicans to protect our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness at our local, regional, state, and national government levels. We pursue this goal by engaging and educating the citizens in our county and by supporting our local candidates with volunteers, funding, and encouragement.

As Republicans we believe:

  1. Our rights of life, liberty, and property are natural rights granted to us by God and protected by the Constitution.
  2. In the right to worship as we please without government intrusion or interference.
  3. The federal government’s power is constitutionally limited, yet responsible for protecting our sovereignty, establishing justice under law, and securing our liberty through a strong national defense and effective law enforcement.
  4. God is the Author and Creator of life and that all human life, both born and unborn, should be protected.
  5. In traditional marriage consisting of one man and one woman.
  6. It is the private sector and free market principles that best stimulate economic development rather than government subsidies or programs.
  7. Taxes collected at all levels of government should be used only for legitimate government functions, and those functions carried out efficiently so that tax rates may be kept as low as possible.
  8. That government closest to the people governs best and is preferred to centralized control.
  9. It is the right of every parent to act in his or her children’s best interest including choosing the form of education, whether public school, private school, or home school.
  10. We should welcome immigrants who want to legally seek freedom and opportunity, who want to work for a living and who will embrace our values, learn the English language, and respect our national sovereignty.

Source: http://www.okgop.com/about/

Tulsa County GOP Platform_2017